2023-01-27 Certainty = Risk

What I Did


My first proper GainedInSite essays have been edited by my Snoobly Yoogers:


I began this week unpacking the awfulness that represents awful bureaucratic systems. It represents the end of my GainedInSite voyage, and in my personal life, the end of something else.

What I Learned

A few experiences, back-to-back, have exposed me to a mundane and critical fact: things that are certain are not always superior to uncertain things.

The domain of “enduring” can be classified into many subdivisions. However, if we slice it that domain up by how certain we are, we have two unique domains: perseverance (e.g., ambition, tenacity, resilience) and patience (e.g., waiting).

In many capacities, we find certainty to feel a sense of comfort. It’s a tremendously important thing for us, and is the basis for quite a lot of dysfunction.

On the other hand, this certainty robs us. If we’re so certain about something playing out, we build a framework on it. That framework, if wrong, was 100% a waste of time and energy. Generally, we’ll discredit the vanity of the endeavor with a plethora of fallacies that justify that there was meaning behind what we did, but it could have most certainly been done harder, better, faster, stronger.

What we don’t pay attention to, in the mix of the fluff, is the opportunity cost of the entire endeavor. Sure, we built order out of the chaos and conquered the unknown, but what did we sacrifice in the process?

Sometimes, the end of something is not a statement, but merely a question.

What I’m Doing

Working in an insurance office right now while I work through my vast body of essays. I’ve been distilling and thematically unifying all my creative works:

  • Venturing into TheoLogos and wrapping it into a cohesive gestalt:
    1. Metaphysics/Theology
    2. Christian Disciplines
    3. Community
    4. Conflicts
    5. Advanced Disciplines
    6. The Future
  • Then, to my latest distillation on NotaGenius on how modern society works:
    1. Human-made Messiness
    2. Nature
    3. Engineering
    4. Possessions
    5. Law
    6. Business – General
    7. Business – Money
    8. Business – Entrepreneurship
    9. Business – Management
    10. Math
  • Some cleaning up and housekeeping
  • Finally, after all this, I will feel sufficiently ready to plow heavily into TechSplained, which signals a devoted focus into a career I actually enjoy!