2023-02-23 Perfection = Waste

What I Did


More GainedInSite essays finished review by my lovely wife, all of them devoted to unpacking the latent subconscious phenomenology that empowers us all to think and act:

First, the “Animal Self”:

Then, the subconscious perceptions themselves:

Finally, the domain of habits:


I’ve finally finished TheoLogos, for now. Still have to circle back around for another attack run on the Church as a leadership structure, but I now have a game plan for it (in the What I’m Doing section)

I’d also be killing myself over some minor pedantic obsessions about hyperlinks if it weren’t for What I Learned.

  1. I’ve changed a few of my page hyperlinks (e.g., https://theologos.site/sinning became https://theologos.site/sins). In the past I’d simply make a new page and copy-paste a link on the old page to the new one. Now I’m just leaving it and worrying about the dead link checker.
  2. Before, I made a references list of everything I was going to make, then would go back and fix it later. Now I’m just putting them and will worry about the dead link checker later.

It’s come to my attention that it really doesn’t matter. Yes, the SEO won’t look quite as good, but am I doing this for money? Besides, it’s a relatively small technical debt I’ll change later, and will be relatively easy to do once I’ve assembled all my not-TechSplained essays. My informal, mostly-conservative estimate with a Gantt chart is that I’ll have this all wrapped up by December, so 2023 will be the Year of Comparatively Dead Links.

What I Learned

A. Nothing will ever be perfect.

Just now, I saw that I had entered my January blogs as 2022-01-[day]. For the more observant of us, that’s incorrect because it’s a year behind reality. 2022 shook down to being an alright year, but certainly not in the Greatest Hits for most people.

This plagues just about everything I’ve made. Every single website I have tried to build, from the very beginning has had faults and shortcomings. No matter how minimalist I’ve gotten, it crops up the same way.

B. Nothing has to be perfect.

Life is one long journey of varying degrees of failure, culminating in a specific primary organ failing, leading to us learning how little we knew.

Thankfully, there’s an inherent beauty to it all. We’re all broken messes. For the longest time, I’ve internalized the silly social media narcissism as if it were the facts. I saw the Emperor had no clothes, everyone else had no clothes, but didn’t realize I had no clothes and that it doesn’t matter anyway.

C. The moment can be perfect.

Right now, I insure some of the worst drivers in Iowa. The people I’ve encountered have such a moment-to-moment mindset that they’re using a credit card to pay for a $760/month full coverage policy on a 2022 Dodge Charger because their driving record in the past 3 years had an OWI, a No Insurance ticket, and 2 Driving While Suspended tickets.

And yet, you wouldn’t know it by looking at some of these people. Most normal people would be spazzing and realizing they needed to change, but they’re perfectly at peace with the life they’re leading. I saw the same thing a few years ago around the incarcerated. Wrong time and place, but a valuable lesson.

Joy and satisfaction come in planning your face off for the future, then living in the blissful moment after you’ve finished. More power to you if you have no enemies and people who love you.

What I’m Doing

Working in an insurance office right now while I work through my vast body of essays. I’ve been distilling and thematically unifying all my creative works, and am finally on NotaGenius:

  • Then, to my latest distillation on NotaGenius on how modern society works:
  • Human-Made Messiness
    • How to Sort Through Information
    • How to Navigate Bureaucracy
    • Sports Summarized
    • Risk Management Checklist
    • Design/UX
  • Nature
    • Science Summarized
    • Dreams Summarized
  • Engineering
    • How to Fix Things
    • Engineering Summarized
  • Possessions
    • How to Own Automobiles
    • How to Own a House
    • How to Homestead (with a potential divergence into homeschooling)
    • Flowers Summarized
    • Kitchen Utensils Summarized
  • Law
    • How to Stay Legally Safe (with my own updates to my privacy policy)
    • Intellectual Property Summarized
    • Legal Dictionary
    • Legal Doctrines & Principles
    • Insurance Summarized
  • Business
    • Business Contracts Summarized
    • Logistics Summarized
    • Marketing Summarized (with a revisitation of TheoLogos’ Inter-Church Conflicts and Evangelism, and a new page on Cults/Heresies)
    • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Business: Money
    • Accounting Summarized
    • Accounting Dictionary
    • Investing Summarized
  • Business: Entrepreneurship (schizophrenically bouncing between general concepts and TechSplained)
  • Business: Management (schizophrenically bouncing between general concepts and TechSplained)
  • Math (schizophrenically bouncing between general concepts and TechSplained)
  • Some cleaning up and housekeeping in there somewhere

Finally, after all this, I will feel sufficiently ready to direct my attention completely into TechSplained (though probably after a sabbatical), which opens up my devoted focus into a career I actually enjoy!