2023-01-05 Meaning ≠ ~Meaning

What I Did


Quite a few data-heavy escapades that I coloquially enjoy calling “Philosodata”:

Also, a few “Adequate Data” as well:


The mania has cooled to an even keel since the past week or two. Creativity is a bit like operating a firehose or toddler: direct the chaos, but never stifle it completely or it’ll explode on you in a blaze of liquid misery.

What I Learned

My computer exploded, and it was a great time for me to re-evaluate my life decisions, specifically regarding the fact that I’ve been playing too many video games (a fake implementation of the domains that give us a sense of meaning) and not doing enough building (a real-world implementation of the domains that give us a sense of meaning).

Life consists of many otherwise-boring experiences and decisions that pile together into a cyclical pattern. That pattern, left alone, will propel us very far if we give it time to germinate. Where it propels us, however, is anyone’s guess.

Since I’ve had time to reflect (a convenient aspect of having your gaming computer blow up and having to write out content on a 3 GHz dual-core 1 TB HDD potato) and dialogue with the unwashed public (a product of my job, emphasis on “unwashed”) it’s come to my realization that well-composed people are a completely insane image projected by an ever-increasingly self-absorbed entity of centralized control. Most people are a complete mess.

Just finished my piled-up notes on Creativity/Creations/Creations’ Results/Storytellers, and wrapped up the Personality page a few days ago. I must say that the entire idea is pretty straightforward: creativity is the bridge between order and chaos, driven by a combination of high neuroticism (i.e., emotional wildness), high openness to experience, and exposure to new stuff. In our internet society, you can basically live in the technological equivalent of Florence or NYC even if you live in McCurtain County, Oklahoma.

Speaking of McCurtain County, Oklahoma, my Yummy Gloomers and I have made a pseudo-decision on what we’re going to do now. Iowa is the pre-2020 Canada of the USA: lots of nice people who will probably die in approximately the same condition as they were born. We’re kicking around visiting/scoping/buying something in southern Oklahoma, specifically around McCurtain County. Tentative to change based on the whole “reality ≠ plans” thing, but it’s nice to dream big and wish upon a star (really, really hard).

But, of course, I have to get a remote-only job before we can reliably move there, and that requires learning programming, which requires me to work on TechSplained, WHICH MEANS I have to get my GainedInSite/TheoLogos/NotaGenius demonic dragon of writing done first. (emphasis added).

What I’m Doing

Working in an insurance office right now while I work through my vast body of essays. I’ve been distilling and thematically unifying all my creative works:

  • Marching through ~5 essays about large-scale aspects of existence through GainedInSite.
  • Then, a venture into TheoLogos:
    1. Universal Christian facts
    2. Christian disciplines
    3. Christ’s influence
    4. Christ and society (with a new essay on cults)
    5. Christ and the future
    6. Alternative Christian perspectives
    7. My potential heresy
    8. Spiritual data
  • Then, to my latest distillation on NotaGenius on how modern society works:
    1. Human messiness
    2. Engineering
    3. Law
    4. Business – General
    5. Business – Money
    6. Business – Entrepreneurship
    7. Business – Management
    8. Nature
    9. Math
    10. Possessions
  • Finally, after all this, I will feel sufficiently ready to plow heavily into TechSplained.