2024-01-31 How to Lose a Life in 10 Months

What I Did FRONT-END: More backlogged content. BACK-END: More yak shaving, but more decisive. What I Learned As a casual experience when I’m bored, I’ve been proofreading my past content. I sprung for $70 to get a machine-learning-assisted tool to proofread. So far, LanguageTool has been very useful, though the task of proofreading is moderately […]

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2023-11-15 Pre-Traumatic Stress Order

What I Did FRONT-END: In this relatively wild season, my spousefriendwoman has been much more productive than I expected: Apparently, the momentum of my past efforts means the outward-facing publishing schedule will keep going on. I’ve also updated quite a bit on my toolbox. BACK-END: Been pounding away on parsing the thousands of links I’ve […]

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2023-10-17 Never Gonna Give, It, Up

What I Did FRONT-END: Not much to report, since my editor/partner/cohabitant/friend/wife/co-parent is taking much-needed time off for personal growth: The situation, as it stands, means I won’t be pushing out and “publishing” essays for a little bit. BACK-END: The situation from the previous post was worse than I thought, so I had to fix it. […]

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