About Dave Stucky

c. 2019

General Timeline

NOTE: To avoid redundancy, go here for the work experience.

late-1980s: Born in California’s Inland Empire to a pair of well-intended broken people.

1990s: bullied a ton by other kids, would occasionally snap and severely beat them up after weeks or months of taunting.

1995: Developed an interest in reading nonfiction, especially science and history.

late-1990s: Involved in student leadership and academic pentathlon at school.

2001: Joined a high school football team as a defensive lineman.

2003: Joined a high school wrestling team in the heavyweight division, got a few trophies for it.

2004: Sent off to military school for the first few months of high school senior year.

2005: Worked first job in fast food.

2006: Started community college aimlessly, 1-2 classes/semester.

2006: Dislocated foot in a skateboard accident, converted from Stoic philosophy to what would later become Christianity.

2006–2009: Bounced around a dozen living situations due to limited social skills and steady work.

2009: Found a healthy work-for-rent arrangement, decided to start a career in accounting.

2011: Graduated from community college with honors, started tax preparer license.

  • Also in 2011: Broke wrist on a skateboard-based commute, had to cancel tax prep license training.

2012: graduated from Western Governors University undergraduate accounting program with honors.

2013: Severe budget and logistical constraints, chose to live out of car, trained for a tax preparer license.

2014: Tax preparation failure due to social skills, very unstable living situation, started identifying as “the Philosopher Accountant” to make sense of everything.

  • Also in 2014: Found a connection with a girl, drove across the country from New York to California to meet her, survived a major auto accident along the way in Pennsylvania.

2015: Finished first book, though it was never published.

2016: Got married, vacationed in Seattle.

  • Also in 2016: Finished the proto-version of AdequateLife.
  • Also in 2016: Finished the proto-version of TheoLogos.

2017: Along with wife, committed lifestyle to fully trusting God.

  • Also in 2017: Moved to a gifted fifth-wheel trailer on an empty plot of land.
  • Also in 2017: Wife has eclamptic seizure and emergency C-section, first son born.

2018: Traveled the country as a truck driver, moved family from California to Iowa.

2019: Damage-free black ice trucking event, mixed with some blame-shifting by management, motivated a new career in tech work.

2020: Second child born at the height of the COVID-19 pandemonium.

2021: Waived Miranda Rights with police and spent 7 weeks in jail with a punitive no-contact order afterward.

2022: With much effort, acquired a probationary insurance license.

2023: rebuilt and edited AdequateLife, GainedInSite, TheoLogos, and NotaGenius to higher editorial standards.

Who I Am

I’m a WYSIWYG human quine: terrible at image management, but have proof of competence. While it’s initially undetectable when you meet me, I’m a high-functioning pattern/language ASD with notes of ADHD, a sprinkling of BPAD, and a side order of PTSD.

The high-conscientiousness and high-neuroticism of my personality make me a likeable-enough tornado laser of crazy ideas revolving around a strange obsession with completely following every rule. I like to be alone about 70% of the time, but you’d never know it.

I’ve always wanted to understand everything to the point where it’s explainable in plain English.

But, I wasn’t granted a particularly healthy background. My parents’ challenges with daily living, brought on by their awful upbringing, forced me to self-discover how to live correctly. Most of my formative developmental years lacked sufficient mentorship or guidance, so I was forced to self-sufficiently lead myself or become a victim.

In the process, I became the architect of my life, but I still fight a myriad of straggler issues stemming mostly from my particular flavor of neurodivergence.

I value wisdom deeply. It may represent itself with simple principles (e.g., “don’t buy everything full price”), but it condenses to broader concepts (e.g., “be cautious on what you spend”). However, wisdom itself only goes so far (e.g., “it’s a bad idea to not pay your employees”).

Gaining wisdom requires correctly handling ideas. To that end, ideas must be handled with precision and care, much like the rigor and attention we give math or law.

Given our current era, my purpose in life is to fight over-information that dilutes meaning, which I implement by condensing facts into unvarnished summaries. However, wise thoughts and foolish blathering fight on the same playing field, and fashions often judge who was cooler while saying it.

My goal isn’t to make many things or make money off the stuff I make. I care more about maximum quality with the most organic exposure possible.

With that said, I also enjoy doing non-mind-related things. Experience tethers us to reality far more than knowledge.

Of course, the previous two paragraphs mean I’m not billionaire entrepreneurship material; I’m too dogmatic to monetize my ideas.

While I’ll happily sell my labor or rent out my brain, I consider all my ideas to represent three possibilities:

  1. They’re life-changing, so I’ll harm those who need them but can’t access them.
  2. They’re replaceable, so capitalizing on my ideas involves the chore of competing with others.
  3. The ideas are worthless or near-worthless, and I’d be a huckster to advance my agenda with them.


I’m often poking around on Hacker News or GitHub, occasionally on Mastodon, and rarely on Reddit or LinkedIn, and mostly keep to myself.

If you really want to know what I’m up to, I semi-routinely update my /now page, where I also publish future updates.

Email is the best way to contact me at “Dave at Stucky period tech”.