Dave Stucky’s No-Jargon Résumé

Last updated 08/2022

I have experience

Insurance Agent, Budget Insurance (2022) = customer service desk jockey/insurance producer

Datacenter Installer, Direct Line (2021-2022) = Microsoft data center running cable

Datacenter Technician II, ZT Systems (2020-2021) = Microsoft data center running updates

Field Service Technician II, Scientific Games (2019-2020) = lottery machine break-fix/repair

Further back…
  • VSAT Field Service Technician, Scientific Games (2019) = lottery machine break-fix/repair
  • Whirlpool Delivery Specialist, JB Hunt (2018-2019) = delivering/installing appliances + truck-driving
  • Flatbed Truck Driver, Melton (2018) = truck-driving + flatbed labor
  • Truck Driver, Swift (2017-2018) = truck-driving
  • Package Center Supervisor, UPS (2017) = admin work + management + claims investigation + customer service
  • ESOP Retirement Plan Administrator, AmbroseAdvisors (2015-2016) = 401(k) + benefits admin + accounting + customer service
  • Many Odd Jobs (2013-2014) = subcontracting + tax prep + window cleaning + WWOOFing across New York/New Jersey + deli clerk + data work
  • Manufacturing Data Coordinator, Allergan (2013) = quality control + data work
  • Data Entry Consultant, Housing Opportunities Collaborative (2012-2013) = data cleaning + event management + public relations
  • Dish Network/DirecTV Sales Specialist, Satton Marketing (2012) = door-to-door sales
  • Groundskeeper, Cabochon Estate (2009-2012) = trimming, raking, mowing and blowing
  • Contract Worker, University of Redlands (2008-2009) = event setup/teardown
  • Custodian, Immanuel Baptist Church (2007-2008) = custodial
  • Administrative Assistant, Hubbell Lighting (2007-2008) = admin work + forklift operator
  • Data Entry Administrator, a corrupt attorney courier service (2007) = data entry + legal documentation
  • Package Handler, UPS (2006-2007) = manual labor.
  • CNA (certified nurse’s aide), Brookside Healthcare Center (2007) = nursing manual labor
  • Customer Service, Pizza Hut and KFC (2005-2006) = fast food

I have long-term tech skills

2023 – set both my work and personal computers to dual-boot Windows/Linux offline, and was able to avoid using a Microsoft login in the process

2022 – upgraded my family’s wireless networking system

2021 – assembled a complete track of 7,000 articles and guides to fully flesh out TrendlessTech

2021 – made my daily driver Android OS phone completely Google-free

2021 – successfully replaced all my daily driver email and contacts with CalDAV and CardDAV servers

2020 – started TrendlessTech and my toolbox

2019 – built an email signature, with images hosted through this site

2019 – migrated a WordPress.com website to a shared hosting service, then crashed it, then rebuilt the restored backup into 5 of my present websites

2019 – conducted a network audit for Valley Church Des Moines

2017 – converted my family’s tech infrastructure to 100% wireless

2016 – automated RSS feeds to port into a Facebook page to track the end of the world with earthquake updates, epidemic alerts, and news from the Middle East

2015 – explored every single service associated with IFTTT at the time

2015 – setup and managed a Hosted PBX system at AmbroseAdvisors

2014 – reconfigured my laptop to function outside its casing

2014 – migrated media metadata into images for Trinity Church Redlands

2013 – migrated to Ubuntu on my netbook when Windows announced it was ending LTS for XP

2012 – rooted a Galaxy Tab 2 and flashed CyanogenMod, then converted it to a VoIP phone via 3G network as my daily driver

2011 – created a dual-screen workspace/entertainment center with a netbook and CRT television

2006 – aggregated a dataset for the metadata for my 3,500-file music collection

2001 – accessed a secure network folder at my high school with an IE5 exploit, permanently deleted everything by accident, then turned myself in

1997-1999 – crashed and reinstalled Windows 98 and Windows ME ~15 times

1998 – explored every setting and feature built into Windows 95

1995 – crashed my dad’s MS-DOS/Win3.1 PC at 7 years old

I’m educated and certified

Internet History, Technology, and Security – Coursera, 02/2022

Digital Skills: User Experience – FutureLearn, 03/2021

Introduction to Packet Tracer – Cisco Networking Academy, 11/2019

Advanced Google Analytics + Google Analytics for Power Users – Google, 08/2019

Responsive Web Design – freeCodeCamp, 08/2019

A+ – CompTIA, 07/2019

Non-tech education:

I’ve accomplished

Random workplace achievements:
  • Budget Insurance (insurance agent)
  • Microsoft (data center installer)
    • Plugged 500 cables/day, 99.5% accuracy
  • Microsoft (data center tech II)
    • 21 deployments/week
  • Scientific Games (field service tech II)
    • 96% utilization rate
    • 93% first-time resolve
  • JB Hunt (Whirlpool delivery)
    • Perfect attendance
    • Perfect safety record
  • Melton (flatbed truck driver)
    • Melton Bronze Knight award
    • Melton’s top 100 drivers – May 2018
    • Perfect safety record
  • Swift (truck driver)
    • Perfect safety record
  • UPS (package center manager)
    • Remotely managed 55-driver fleet
    • 96% claims investigation success rate
  • CareFusion (medical device technician)
    • Tested 137 IV hardware devices/day

Leadership organizations:



  • English – fluent enough
  • Spanish – pequeño
  • HTML/CSS – <p style=”color:black;”>more than most non-front-end devs</p>

  • President’s Award – CA-PBL, 06/2011
  • Best Speech (various) x3 – Toastmasters, 2015
  • Computer Skills, 4th place – PBL competition, 05/2010
  • MVP Varsity – REVHS, 2003
  • Wrestling, 1st place x3 – multiple wrestling meets, 2002

I’m easy to work with

Generally, I get along with others, though other people may have issues with me.

On the Big 5 personality indicator, I’m average Openness to Experience, insanely high Conscientiousness, average Extroversion, moderately high Agreeableness, and above average Neuroticism. My wife describes me as a laser tornado of energy.

With the DISC communication model, I tend to use C style by default, but revert to D style if people don’t want to hear it or things become urgent. I’ve been described as having a tungsten tongue.

After reading an interview referenced in a rando LinkedIn article, I occasionally update a user manual to show how I work best with others.

None of these matter regarding work unless you has an unfair bias, but I’m on the autism spectrum, ran for city council of Beaumont, CA on a lark, have served time, and have a profound and patient method to learn just about everything.