2021-02-09 Update, I Guess?

I hate the concept of “updates”. I mean, it’s obvious that you, the not-around-me reader, need to know what’s going on, but I make so many trend-resistant things that I don’t feel like it’s fair to share an update about the fact that I’ve added a few lines to my GainedInSite culture and power pages, or that I’ve tweaked my AdequateLife success and creativity pages.

But, according to the inalienable realities of marketing, it’s a good idea to always create content, even if that content is simply retreading. The. Same. Stuff. That. Everyone. Who. Cares. Has. Seen. Before.

But, I digress. I most certainly have done new stuff:

  • I’ve been de-Googling. All I have left now is my wife’s contacts list. Getting rid of contacts isn’t too hard if you’re hosting an email: just use a CalDAV/CardDAV server that staples into it (with the Mozilla Thunderbird tbSync plugin for your PC and the DAVx5 via F-Droid for Android). Fire and forget, though I trust DAVx5 more at this point. Test and test again is my motto!
  • I’ve updated my TechSplained menu, as well as the TheoLogos menu. Very little work, but makes an outward difference. It also may give you a gist of all the stuff I’m working to build out.
  • I added some more content to EntertainingSpace. Not much to sneeze at, but I was sensible enough to relocate the geek-specific stuff to this page.
  • I’ve added some more clarity to my TheoLogos page about Jesus returning, as well as made an essay on how to deal with wokism as a Christian.
  • One of the things I’m most proud about, and hopefully the most interesting to everyone, is a philosodata list of eponymous laws and axioms. Most people know about Murphy’s Law, which has a profound memetic influence on society, so I figured I’d broadly paraphrase the ideas to make more smarterer people.

And, while I’m at it, I’ll break one of my rules from my AdequateLife goals page: I’ll talk about what I’m eager to do in the next month or two:

  • Making a philosodata list of things we take for granted, based on technological things that came from before we were alive.
  • Breaking down a philosophy glossary, in plain English.
  • Making a philosodata list of various philosophical thought experiments and paradoxes.
  • Making a list of the types of governments that exist.
  • Addressing the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development regarding their feasibility and likelihood.
  • Making a list of the diet/exercise fad trends across the decades.
  • (Maybe) compile and publish some of the jokes I’ve saved on EntertainingSpace.
  • An AdequateLife guide on how to be prepared for disasters.
  • An AdequateLife guide on how to sort through excess and bad information.
  • A list on TheoLogos of a variety of spiritual disciplines.

Once I do all this, it’s off to TechSplained!