2020-09-01 The Adequacy Bible

If you’re like me, you don’t always remember that much of the world doesn’t have easy access to the internet.

Since I made a large pile of distilled guides to help the most downtrodden, it’s way more likely that they don’t have the means to visit my website.

Thus, I’ve created The Adequacy Bible. It’s a very, very condensed form of the necessities outlined on the website, coming in at a meager 381 pages.

Feel free to get it for your prisoner friends, homeless people, that sort of thing. But, if you merely want to support me, save your $8.64 for something else more meaningful. That’s the lowest Amazon will publish on-demand for me. Instead, I’d love if you shared and reposted!

Oh, and unrelated stuff. I’ve updated EntertainingSpace. It’s fun, I promise.