2021-02-24 New Format

After much pondering, stress, thinking, and deliberation, I’ve now created a new format. Enjoy!

What I Did

I made a guide for how to effectively sort through information. If you know my methods, this is certainly one of the few things I don’t have to consult a few hundred articles to learn about!

I’ve made two small-ish essays about Christian matters. One is about the existence of Unnatural Law, a hybrid of Natural Law mixed with the sin nature of humanity. The other is a list of spiritual exercises to strengthen your relationship with God.

What I Learned

Not all systems work for all people. In my case, I tend to create with the following schedule:

  1. Blast out a terrifyingly huge amount of content, sometimes months at a time.
  2. Take a massive break, often for months.
  3. Repeat, with time variations.

What I’ve realized from the goal-setting success page I’ve made is that self-determined success ends up consisting of a schizophrenic swapping between a “manager hat” and a “worker hat”.

In the case of my creative output, no amount of self-imposed analytical systems can change the fact that I work like a free-spirited primadonna artiste. No amount of self-managing will fix that, so I need to work around my inefficiencies when it comes to content distribution and marketing.

Another thing I learned after I forgot when I wrote my “attitude” success page: starting matters more than planning it out. The best-laid plans make you feel good, but are only as good as the Plan #4: The Quick-and-Dirty Plan #2 DJ didnotseeTHATcoming Remix.

What I’m Doing Now

(this is also duplicated on https://stucky.tech/now)

  • Going full-bore into TechSplained. One of my last workplaces had us on a running gag about how many consecutive days one of the management would say “lowest-hanging fruit”. As of right now, I have 1,636 articles to go through, and am probably going to go for the lowest-hanging fruit. I’m dying inside by that last sentence, and not because of the number.
  • Working through building this toolbox jointly alongside TechSplained, mostly because I’m too dumb to know what some software does and why it’s so cool to have. I have about 1,000 tools to still sift through.
  • I have and have somehow become responsible for two small people, who become legally allowed to vote in 15 and 17 years. As much as I debate the reliability of a system that grants me an automatic management position by virtue of biological factors, my wife does a fantastic job turning the money I get from various job skills into a wonderful home. I’m in between contracts right now, so LinkedIn ho!