2020-07-19 Lots of InSite

You will always miss all the attempts you never made.

The fear of failure stops us short from trying. Sometimes, we’re being rather sensible.

I now have 39 more Essays to build. Though I’ve published the heck out of the other 37 or so, this journey is probably about halfway done:

  1. AdequateLife Guides: pwned
  2. GainedInSite Essays: ~50% done
  3. TheoLogos cleanup + Perfect Society essay: confident
  4. Computer website: trying not to think about it to focus on everything before that

It’s a bit like giving birth. No matter how much productivity optimization and dietary regulation, and no matter how many doctors or engineersyou throw at the problem, gestation is still about 9 months.

My thought baby is still incubating, even now. I can confidently say I’m past the worst of it, but it’s hard to stay focused sometimes when it feels like the world will end as of November 3rd.

Anyway, it’s been 1.5 months since anything here, so now it’s been 0.