2019-07-04 Happy Cuatro de Julio!

Happy Independence Day! (or for you non-Americans, happy Their Independence Day)

I’m digging out an old relic from a while back.

Other people have created amazing things. At one time, I had a mental disorder where I’d create extracted summaries that lobotomized the tender curation of others’ loving verbal craftsmanship.

I started creating posts called “Credit Due” to subconsciously atone. They were others’ works placed front-and-center for the world to see their remarkable ability to get to the point.

I’m bringing that out again now, starting with the next post.

I’ve been busy these past few weeks. I’m working on How to Stop Looking Autistic, 2nd edition. It’s far more interesting, more comprehensive, more well-written, and more pay-what-you-want.

I’m also wrapping up the testing for CompTIA’s A+. I’m paying over $100 to take a test in things I mostly know to prove I already know them. In theory, people will pay me over $100 more later because I proved that I knew it.