You’re a geek!

Congratulations! You’ve found my secret site. This means one of several things:

  1. You’re a true OG crypto geek (not just some newfangled Bitcoin Baby). This means you know binary code when you see it and know how to decode a message in plain sight. You probably also know more about the Freemasonry than me.
  2. You know how to scrape a website, and are very thorough skimming through what you found.
  3. A webcrawler found this, and I’m way more popular than I thought I’d ever be.

I really wish I could give you a prize that matches the awesomeness you deserve (assuming 1 or 2). Sadly, I’m not that important, so I don’t have any parcels of land to disseminate or awards to give.

But, inquiring minds want to know! Please email me about this, and maybe we can make something happen. This is a remarkable pairing waiting to take over the world, and maybe we can together build a new decentralized finance-insurance-accounting-cryptocurrency all-inclusive cloud-centric SaaS feed-oriented non-lossy cybersecure virtual networking hacking implementation non-profit pro-tempore solution.

Or we can play chess together or something. The NDFIACAICSFNCVNHINPS was just a stray thought.