2019-12-27 Cleaning Up

Personal discoveries are profoundly useful to us, but not so much for others.

Since I have for a while, however, believed that the personal/professional divide is far murkier than people often want to admit, I believe a little transparency is in order.

I’ve been a bit negligent on my efforts to do anything lately. Most of it has been in discovering that I don’t have anything I need to prove.

The ambitions of youth are driven, in large part, by a devoted effort to “make something”, usually with the purpose of self-promotion.

Now that I’ve attained all the demographic fixings of a “normal person”, I fail to see the glamorous aspects of anything better. I have a steady job with a child and a wife with another child on the way. What benefit is getting a nice house, material possessions, a prestigious niche reputation or affiliation within some select clubs?

This isn’t to say I haven’t been busy, but this whole rant is to say that I’ve been detoxing my old ways of thinking.

With that said, I’ve redefined and published my purpose for what I do as well as cleaned up my personal bio to reflect reality as of today. I had a /toolbox, but have moved it to Github to make it easier to manage and (hopefully) more useful for everyone else. Finally, I’ve built a small guide on how to be organized.