2020-02-28 Applied Insight

Even if we’re thick-headed and stubborn, we can’t help learning from our environment.

After a certain point, we require a creative output of all this pent-up sentiment.

With high-functioning ASD, that sentiment is harder to put into words. I usually end up writing something, then reversing all the paragraphs to make the audience understand my logic.

I once heard another hacker say that narrativizing our past is a bad habit, but the essence of journaling is to narrativize the past, so I’m not sure if that’s good advice.

Depending how you count them, I’ve lived a full life so far across the last 14 years:

Our symbolic way of thinking means that we attribute more value to reality’s events than we really ought to. That essence of ours, while not rightly handling facts, makes really good stories.

Therefore, this is my attempt to tell you a story. Like every other project manager, the story won’t be that interesting unless I add lots of graphs and slides. Since that takes more work than I can currently afford to spend, I’ll just make this a status update.

I’ll update this project as it unfolds on my /now page, but here’s the rundown:

  1. Gathering 10 years’ worth of notes into a cohesive structure to explain all reality. It’ll eventually output at GainedInSite. It’s all I’m doing these days.
  2. Going through a few hundred saved essays from other people to elaborate any elements I’ve missed in my personal discoveries.
  3. Digging through the uncreated AdequateLife guides and pulling out the philosophical components to put them on the essays.
  4. Sort through the wall of links I’ve been building for essays I haven’t written yet, then determining which essays to write based on those links.
  5. Forming the outlines into proper essays on GainedInSite and AdequateLife. At this point, the public will finally see results.
  6. After compiling the essays, convert them into book format. I have at least 3 books in mind using the same content.
  7. Use my Philosominute podcast to create dialogue on current events. This will be ongoing.
  8. Move over to finally claiming my career in computers by building another website that educates and simplifies technology.

As you can tell, I’ve got an ambitious project ahead of me. My family’s taken care of with my day job, so I’m not going to bother with fanciful career aspirations. I don’t expect to make much money off all this, but this has more meaning to me than money.