2020-05-06 Adequately Posting

I hate the concept of “updates”. While advertising things is important, why should I clutter your preferred wall/inbox/RSS reader/rolodex with stuff that you don’t care about?

To me, it feels like waste. It’s a bit like when someone sends the text message: “k”. There are more zeros and ones communicating where to send the message, where it’s coming from, and specific rules about how computers should treat it than in the text itself. It’s almost like having a friend that says:

Okay, so, since you’re my best friend and we trust each other, I want to get your attention for something. Do I have your attention now? Okay, great. So, here’s what I’m trying to say:

I think you’re cool.

Yep, that’s all I wanted to say. It’s something I’m certain that you wanted to hear and so I proceeded to tell you it.

While you can’t question that person’s intent, you probably wouldn’t make them a keynote speaker at your next Fancy Cheese Ball For The Politically Broke.

But, that’s pretty much the back end of how engineers designed computers. It makes sense because consistent information with inconsistent transmission media is insanely necessary when one swapped digit dictates the difference between “duck you” and another phrase.

In the world of content marketing, though, it’s the same thing. Cross-posting on social media requires getting a bazillion followers, which requires a bazillion twerts, licks, thumbs, and hurts. It clutters the airspace so important stuff doesn’t get through.

Anyway, </rant>, for now. I’ve built tons of stuff lately on theAdequateLife:

So…yeah. Lots of stuff. Most of it was digging through my digital attic and rebuilding it.

The end to my AdequateLife project is now in sight. All I have to worry about now are the basics on job-seeking, dating/marriage, parenting, entrepreneurship, and a few other odds and ends. Stay tuned!