2023-05-02 Work + Fun = Success

What I Did


After months of waiting, I’m finally introducing interesting GainedInSite essays for the non-philosophical reader. We start with the world of decisions:

Then, it moves to the world of actions and their consequences:

Finally, the domain of interpersonal human interactions, and I can now certify with these essays that I’m officially human:


I’m nearly finished with all the miscellany in NotaGenius. This past month had me plowing through a foray into business contracts and insurance, intellectual properties, how to be legally safe, and logistics.

Most recently, I’ve built out a marketing page, then dove into the Christian-leaning world of evangelism, then back to the secular religious world of multi-level marketing.

Right now, I’m marching on through the world of cults. It’s a bit horrifying, to say the least.

What I Learned

We are all malleable, and even the most seasoned and grizzled antagonistic personality will be augmented by the things they’re exposed to.

In my experience, I had been neglecting to have that “fun” thing people rave on about. The obsession to “get it done” raged onward, and I started feeling my personality slipping away.

It’s important to take it easy. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and the journey of a vast corpus of essays either has relaxation in the middle or ends with a wrist brace.

What I’m Doing

Working in an insurance office right now while I work through my vast body of essays. I’ve been distilling and thematically unifying all my creative works, and am finally on NotaGenius:

  • Theologos’ Cults, Heresies, and Disagreements
  • Accounting Summarized
  • Accounting Dictionary
  • Investing Summarized

From there, my goal will be to bounce between general concepts on NotaGenius and TechSplained:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Some cleaning up and housekeeping
  • Math

Finally, after, I will feel sufficiently ready to direct my attention completely into TechSplained (though probably after a sabbatical), which opens up my devoted focus into a career I actually enjoy!