2023-03-30 Sorrow + Decisions = Success

What I Did


Yet more GainedInSite essays finished by my diligent wife. We’ve now moved into the domain of conscious perception:

First, the realm of conscious perception:

Further, some extrapolation of the processing we add to our thoughts:

I also felt it was a good time to compile my favorite stories, so that’s something.


NotaGenius has been a painful slog. The most recent one I built was legal doctrines and principles, and building new content about legal matters is a bit difficult when you have personal experience with it.

I also rebuilt a bit of my organizational structure. It’s still my dream to completely build what I’ve organized, but I have to get past the NotaGenius Management pages before I can feel really comfortable understanding the scope of personal project management.

It’s the busy season of insurance mill work, so it’s been a bit slower in certain ways.

What I Learned

I’ve been through a bit of a depressive stage. It’s a convergence of a few unavoidable uncertainties in my personal life conjoined with the tentativity of my current project.

Those times when you’re slogging through the ugly, boring muck are the defining moments. The “moment of glory” in most stories lie to us: we achieve the most in that mundane day-to-day far more than that “AHA!” moment.

But, writing is a somewhat alienating experience, and all art drains the soul if over-performed. I probably just need to spend more time consuming good-quality stuff.

What I’m Doing

Working in an insurance office right now while I work through my vast body of essays. I’ve been distilling and thematically unifying all my creative works, and am finally on NotaGenius:

  • Law
    • Business Contracts Summarized
    • Insurance Summarized
    • Intellectual Property Summarized
    • How to Stay Legally Safe
  • Business
    • Logistics Summarized
    • Marketing Summarized (with a revisitation of TheoLogos’ Inter-Church Conflicts and Evangelism, and a new page on Cults/Heresies)
    • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Business: Money
    • Accounting Summarized
    • Accounting Dictionary
    • Investing Summarized
  • Business: Entrepreneurship (schizophrenically bouncing between general concepts and TechSplained)
  • Business: Management (schizophrenically bouncing between general concepts and TechSplained)
  • Some cleaning up and housekeeping
  • Math (schizophrenically bouncing between general concepts and TechSplained)

Finally, after, I will feel sufficiently ready to direct my attention completely into TechSplained (though probably after a sabbatical), which opens up my devoted focus into a career I actually enjoy!