2022-08-03 Quality ≠ Publicity

What I Did


Marching forward in The Meta-Project, it’s been an endurance race:


I have done little to nothing back-end because of my dedication to The Project. I guess the fact that I paced myself out on how I should publish stuff counts, right?

What I Learned


Getting things done is a relatively fast experience if you don’t think about the things you’re getting done.

For example, Alexander Hamilton, with 2 others’ assistance, plowed through most of the Federalist Papers within 3 months. Those 77 documents had a few others added afterward, but the bulk of it was written by a 31-or-33-year-old (because he may have lied) at about 0.85 papers a day, pre-typewriter. To this day, it’s been referenced in hundreds of Supreme Court cases. That’s evidence of awesome if you’ve ever seen it.

What isn’t fast is the propagation of those things. In the above example, Hamilton wasn’t able to see the fulfillment of his work because he was too busy about a decade stopping a bullet with his torso. Often, by the time society catches up with the creative talent of that manic weirdo who made the bottlecap cathedral, that person has had one of their primary organs fail. Marketing the product is its own art form, and that’s another story for another day.


After a month of persevering, it’s been a rollercoaster of feelings out of a relative dearth of experiences:

  • For the first time (and hopefully the last) I’ve represented myself in a civil case with the Iowa Department of Insurance at 7/11 (no pun expected). I thought I was going in to the Department for a bureaucracy-down (and it mostly was that) but it was run with the same pomp and fervor that comes with insurance fraud cases in front of an Insurance Department. My situation was much simpler than the malarkey befitting revocation of licensure: I have a past I’ve atoned for, and I have to prove I’ve atoned for it, and my wife was witness to that (like, actually witness saying the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help her God). It’s a -2 WIS to all my Sanity rolls.
  • I’ve been writing all the above-stated things, which has been frustrating now that I’ve realized that the old condensations of my method was 95% accurate (we’re supposed to change since 2014, right, so what’s this business with the sameyness!?). Because I have things I actually want to write later down the pipeline, I’ve accepted that perfection is impossible, I need to outsource criticism to the wife, and it’s a freaking website I do for free so shut and stop complaining move on already.
  • I’ve accepted that neuroticism is a natural part of my existence, and by neuroticism I mean of the Big 5 personality traits (link later at gainedin.site/personality but dadgumit I’m writing as fast as I can), or in plain English “emotional volatility”. High-neuroticism is extremely intense to everyone involved, but is also largely a product of genetics, so good luck pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s very useful in its place, but boy does it get in the way of making reasoned, analytical statements. Thankfully, human existence doesn’t often make reasoned analytical statements. As long as you keep it to an even keel, you’re fine.
  • Speaking of even keel, the restraint to neuroticism is conscientiousness (another Big 5 per-trai), or in plaine Englische “tendency to do the right thing”. So, when you’re wired like me, your conscientiousness sees your neuroticism and raises it some principles. The result, at least for me, is a tornado laser of crazy ideas hell-bent on accomplishing a task given the constraints of conforming to absolutely every requirement under the sun. Have I mentioned that autism has a hard time with understanding gradations of things, and that I am that diagnosis of which I am referencing to earlier in this sentence?

So yeah, big things, even though it’s been almost nothing but answering phone calls about mundane insurance billing questions in a teeny office and typing things like crazy when nobody has to call to know if they have to pay insurance this month (the short answer is yes unless you already paid the full term, which isn’t likely given your demographic at the office I’m at).

What I’m Doing

I’m sharpening up my Magnum Opus, and have been concisely distilling and thematically unifying all of my creative works:

  • First, I’m tidying up edits all over AdequateLife:
    1. Mind improvement
    2. People skills
    3. Home management
    4. Romantic relationships
    5. Parenting
    6. Careers
    7. Body maintenance
    8. Fun improvement
    9. Handling death
    10. Disaster prep
    11. Adequate data
  • Then, moving to GainedInSite:
    1. Philosodata
    2. Meta-concepts
    3. Facts
    4. Animal perception
    5. Subconscious perception
    6. Habits
    7. Conscious perception
    8. Processed thoughts
    9. Decisions (with a new essay on personality)
    10. Actions/consequences
    11. Interpersonal
    12. Social groups
    13. Large social
  • A venture into TheoLogos:
    1. Universal Christian facts
    2. Christian disciplines
    3. Christ’s influence
    4. Christ and society (with a new essay on cults)
    5. Christ and the future
    6. Alternative Christian perspectives
    7. My potential heresy
    8. Spiritual data
  • And, finally, to the latest creation of NotaGenius:
    1. Human messiness
    2. Engineering (though there probably won’t be much)
    3. Possessions
    4. Law (with several new pages)
    5. Business
    6. Entrepreneurship
    7. Management
    8. Nature
    9. Math
  • Finally, after all this, I will feel sufficiently ready to plow heavily into TechSplained.