2022-05-27 Learning => Slowdown

What I Did


Not A Genius is now live. I haven’t migrated much over to it yet, and I still have to decide on how I want to parse AdequateLife in light of it.

I’ve also rebuilt this site to conform to, well, a more accurate depiction of myself after the ish that’s happened over the past year.


Notion is a good system for taking ideas. However, it has a few setbacks for what I need:

  1. Accessing files natively is a pain: gotta upload them, then download later and upload the new revisions for tracking.
  2. I like FLOSS services in general, and Notion isn’t exactly that. While it’s a killer-awesome app, open-source is one major thing that separates Linux from Google.
  3. I want something more friendly to offline-based work. It’s amazing what 500 kbps can do to your productivity when you’ve stored 115 GB of various ish. It’s better to download to mobile as-needed from a comparatively robust 9 mbps wired connection from your computer than fuss with the internet.

So, I’ve decided to use the most overlooked system for managing a vast variety of files and folders in an indefinitely configurable hierarchical system: the operating system itself. For tracking purposes, I’ve made a spreadsheet task/calendar list, and that’s…basically all I need for now.


Not much going on upstairs these days. For a month I was doing nothing but studying for an insurance test, and the past week or two has been continued misery from a hangup on getting my insurance license after I passed the test.

However, the creative juices have started up, and I’m happy to say I’m back in the swing of writing things about stuff. I have a shedload of little projects I intend to push out soon.

What I Learned

I don’t really know if I’ve “learned” anything in the recent past. My life has been such a blur of activity and change that I don’t have the luxury to slow down. If this is the standard for some people, it’s no wonder that most Americans don’t realize they’ve been wasting their life until their hair has disappeared or gotten tired!

Either way, I’m emotionally recuperating from the trauma of the past year, so I can rest in that. I’m in a bit of a limbo stage on just about everything, though, so I’ll have to put a pause on my self-identified status for at least a few more months.

What I’m Doing

Working in an insurance office for now, but the long-term status of that is in limbo until I go to a hearing with the Iowa Insurance Commissioner to decide whether I’m ethical and transparent enough to sell insurance.

In the meantime, I’m working out some projects:

  • Building out a project of various odds and ends I couldn’t fit anywhere else.
  • Working through a writing project of ~7,500 articles, e-books, video tutorials, and guides about the entire domain of the tech industry.
  • My wife and I raise two small people with a nurturing home, at least until they’re legally allowed to vote.