What I Did

My life is frantic, and still miserable. However, I have gotten a much larger handle on the chaos.

First, I consolidated my TechSplained “to go through” pile. I had had them classified them into 3 categories:

  1. Typed notes in cloud storage using QOwnNotes
  2. Hyperlinks consolidated into Raindrop
  3. PDFs stored and managed in cloud storage using Calibre

To make more sense of it all, I was able to condense those boxes down to 1 (adhering to the GTD way of things):

  1. PDFs are now linked inside Raindrop.
  2. Most of my notes are not good to keep as notes, so I instead have been consolidating them as either hyperlinks or straight-up writing onto TechSplained.

As far as finished product, I’ve hammered out a few miscellaneous things:

What I Learned

I honestly don’t know what I’ve learned. My mind is awash with the chaos of many things at once. I’ve never had so many things in my life upended as much as this, and I fear the long-term effects it’ll have on my ability to perceive.

One thing I can say with assurance is that the reality around us and the philosophical abstractions we try to make are completely inconsistent. It is impossible to analyze our way in or out of anything, and there is no reliable substitute for firsthand experience. Unfortunately, this planet is ungracious for the survivors of worthwhile experiences, meaning that the wisest in society are often lumped in together with the fools as heretics.

But, that’s the product of the mechanism that creates trends. I now have certainty that I will always be a heretic, outlier, odd, neurodivergent. This doesn’t mean I’m not worthy of love, respect, or affiliation with a meaningful community. It does mean life is guaranteed to be harder. Of course, someone who wrote a set of self-help guides, a list of practical philosophy essays, a hefty compilation of boredom killers, a practical theology, and presently developing a set of common-sense tech essays is invariably doomed for abnormalcy.

What I’m Doing Now

I’m currently withdrawing from most public activities.

  • I’m a Data Center Installer in a FAANG corporation. I plug in ~400 Mellanox fiber-optic cables every day, alongside miscellaneous cable-running and validations. It’s a brain-numbing job, but podcasts and audiobooks!
  • I’m working through a meta-project of ~6,400 hyperlinks to grok everything in the tech industry, with the proof of concept expressing as TechSplained.
    • Clearing out 76 notes I’ve stored, since it’s not a good idea to leave notes when the final product isn’t making money and constantly adaptable!!!
  • My wife and I have custody of two small people, who become legally allowed to vote in the late-2030’s, and have been making a nurturing home for them.