What I Did

I’ve been in a very, very crazy period of my life. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s slowly coming to an end.

In spite of that, I’ve been working ceaselessly at many, many things:

I’ve fallen out of practice updating, so I’m sure there’s more, but those are all the public-facing things, anyway.

What I Learned

Liars abound in this life, and they ruin the ideal scenario of pure, trusting honesty.

Because of the situation I’m going through (and you can privately email me at dave at stucky point tech if you want to know more), I’ve realized that absolutely everything in human society is essentially an image. In fact, because of the nature of how insincere people tend to be, blatant honesty comes with its own perceived image.

Naturally, openness comes with risks, so we maintain a certain selectivity to the “narrative” that we craft. Most of it is to circle around the fears that certain hot-button concepts could allude.

But, there are two forms of narrative-crafting:

  1. “Soft crafting” or “spin”, which involves adapting your wording and tone to imply an image that isn’t precisely reality as it’d be perceived if someone had all the information.
  2. “Hard crafting”, which is changing reality by working so that you’re adding new information to the situation that wasn’t there before.

Even then, people are still often very prejudiced, especially when they maintain childish, oversimplified views of reality. You can’t really blame them (since they’re often unconsciously playing out drama from their childhood onto you), but it’s not uncommon to be the victim of their inappropriate behavior and decisions.

What I’m Doing Now

  • I’m temporarily unemployed, so I’m picking up various odd jobs.
  • I’m working through a meta-project of ~5,600 webpages and ~400 books to grok everything in the tech industry, with the proof of concept expressing as TechSplained.
    • Sifting through ~1,100 articles that will fit on my Toolbox before I move on.
  • My wife and I have custody of two small people, who become legally allowed to vote in the late-2030’s, and have been making a nurturing home for them.